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World’s Finest Father

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Yesterday we made a project as part of our writing class. Dad was super proud and made sure to let Carter know it was the best present he had ever recieved.


As usual, I am amazed at how well his writing has progressed. I just amazes me! I’m not sure who to be more proud of…him for how well he’s doing or me for actually being able to teach him something.


Letter from Carter and First Book

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So we are FINALLY back to homeschooling regularly, I hope. I do have to say that it’s nice to be able to focus on other things when needed and know that we still have time to focus on school too. Because I am homeschooling year round I can take time off as I have off and on for the last couple months without putting us behind. I have the curriculum and I figure as long as we finish before the next school year without having to rush or double up on lessons we are good!! Anyways, today we had a lot of fun doing some new things. I have to reiterate that I LOVE the Hooked on Phonics products. They are just so fun and make the learning so exciting!!!

Today Carter read his first book all by himself!!! We were so excited!!! He is able to read 6 words on his own so far!!! I couldn’t be more proud of him.

We also made a letter for grandma today and mailed it to her.

Here it is:


I think his printing is looking really really nice considering he is just 5!

Name Writing

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Well we are back to doing school. We are all healthy (or at least close to it so we started back up with everything yesterday. During the weekend, I mapped our our lesson plans out for the entire year using a program through Home School, Inc. I realized that some of my lessons will not go the entire year, so we are just going to do things until the lessons run out and then we will take a break from that subject until its time to start the next year of lessons.

I wanted to post some pictures of the difference in Carter’s handwriting. This was one of our biggest frustrations at the start. He was really struggling with it and I was struggling too with the attitude I was getting from him. Now things are coming along so well!!

Here is an example of his very last paper he did at the Christian school:

Here is what he did today:

Quite the improvement in just a month and a half or so of practicing…if I do say so myself! I must not be a total failure at this homeschooling thing!